Just acquired two new slabs of sleeping beauty and drafted the sketches for two new aviary pieces for 2017, Grande Odalisque and Totem.

Top: Aviary Series 2: Bird with Snow Flowers. Middle: Bird of Midnight. Bottom: Bird of Serenity carved turquoise and sterling silver necklace. All sold. 

SOLD - Bird of Dreams. Series 1.
aviary series 1. sterling silver necklaces + hand carved turquoise birds with crystal eyes. 
Each bird was hand carved (by me) from a rough piece of vintage raw turquoise originating from mines in the Southwest.  This American turquoise is bright blue in color. Natural color variations and lines all factor into the shape and feeling of the final bird that emerges from the rough stone. The birds are suspended from delicate silver ball chains, except bird of swing which sits on an open chain and the perched bird (that's a pin). Most of these birds have flown the nest to new homes.

Series 2 will be carved from Sleeping Beauty mine turquoise.

SOLD - Bird of Swing. Series 1. 

Bird of Silence - available from m a d e Contemporary Craft. Series 1. 
SOLD - Brid Perched. Series 1.
SOLD - Bird In Winter. Series 1. 
SOLD - Hanging Bird. To some lovely people who volunteer their time to preserve bluebird habitat. Series 1.

SOLD - Egg earrings. Sterling silver polished and matte finish.

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